Brain Test 2 walkthrough

This article contain a walkthrough to all the levels of the brain teaser game BRAIN TEST 2  the game that challenge us, by the unique take it has, in the puzzles it present to us. To solve those puzzles you need to think outside of the box and have an unusual take on things. Encase you needed help solving any level of the game we here to help. We collected all the answers to all the levels in this one article. We hope you find it useful.


Brain Test 2 answers Emily’s farm walkthrough

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 1   : Question : Welcome to emily’s farm. Wake her up and start the day.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 2   : Question : The chickens and the dog are hungry.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 3   : Question : Find all of the chickens.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 4   : Question : This morning is quite chilling! She must get some warmth.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 5   : Question : There is not enough food for all the cows!

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 6   : Question : Help her grow these flowers.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 7   : Question : Let’s make a hamburger for lunch.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 8   : Question : Emily wants these flowers to blossom.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 9   : Question : Hey! What did i just tell? stop this please.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 11 : Question : She needs some help collecting the apples.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 12 : Question : She needs some fresh milk.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 13 : Question : Emily heard about a rare red squirrel in these woods. Find it!

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 14 : Question : Let’s make some lemonade.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 15 : Question : She must till the farm, but the tractor is not working.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 16 : Question : Time for some rodeo!

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 17 : Question : It is time to harvest our carrots.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 18 : Question : This sheep wonders what is beyond the farm.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 19 : Question : She is so happy to see the snow, but where are the chickens?

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 20 : Question : After a long day of farm working. She just wants to watch TV.

BRAIN TEST 2 LEVEL 21 : Question : Let’s celebrate Emily’s birthday with an apple cake.


Brain Test 2 answers Naughty Microbes walkthrough

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 1  : Question is: These people are doing something very wrong.

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 2  : Question is: Help this man take precautions against microbes!

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 3  : Question is: How to wash hands?

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 4   : Question is: Don’t let him transmit his sickness!

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 5   : Question is: But  be careful about the microbes.

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 7   : Question is: Help them return their homes safely.

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 8   : Question is: People must do exercise to avoid getting ill.

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 9   : Question is: Oh such a nasty microbe, get rid of it!

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 10 : Question is: He is going to sneeze! Whatch Out!

Naughty Microbes LEVEL 11  : Question is: Stop these microbes!


Brain Test 2 answers Tom’s Adventure walkthrough

LEVEL 1   : Question : This is Tom, try to get friendly with him.       

LEVEL 2   : Question : He is looking for something to eat.

LEVEL 3   : Question : It is not fair! Tom wants some fish too.

LEVEL 4   : Question : Tom wants the biggest rope ball.

LEVEL 5   : Question : Tom’s owner is angry that the mouse walks around freely in the house. 

LEVEL 6   : Question : The mouse is hungry, get him some cheese.

LEVEL 7   : Question : They must escape from the house.

LEVEL 8   : Question : They need to cross this alley, but these dogs are dangerous.

LEVEL 9   : Question : He is very tired, but they must be on their way!

LEVEL 10 : Question : Tom has fallen in love in first sight, help him win her heart.

LEVEL 11 : Question : They need a disguise to get on a plane.

LEVEL 12 : Question : The plane must go through a dangerous turbulence.

LEVEL 13 : Question : Make this flight a  bit more comfortable for them.

LEVEL 14 : Question : They took a wrong flight! They must jump down while they pass above Africa.

LEVEL 15 : Question : A monkey got Mike, catch him! 

LEVEL 16 : Question : Tom must catch this naughty monkey.

LEVEL 17 : Question : How can they pass this hot desert? 

LEVEL 18 : Question : They are so hungry and that cub is enjoying a juicy meat there!

LEVEL 19 : Question : Those lions are angry for the cub incident, they must hide.

LEVEL 20 : Question : The lions are chasing and they must get across!

LEVEL 21 : Question : These wolves are working for the king too!

LEVEL 22 : Question : Help them escape.

LEVEL 23 : Question : They need to find an ally.

LEVEL 24 : Question : Watch out! Snakes can smell fear!

LEVEL 25 : Question : Those bananas were delicious, the gorilla decided to fight for you. 

LEVEL 26 : Question : Here is the king! They must defeat him.


Brain Test 2 answers Monster Hunter Joe walkthrough

LEVEL 1   : Question is : The city is under attack by monsters! Joe must wake up.

LEVEL 2   : Question is : One of them is a vampire in disguise. How to find him?

LEVEL 3   : Question is : Where is the vampire?

LEVEL 4   : Question is : Doh! The vampire is hiding again!

LEVEL 5   : Question is : Hunt down the vampire!

LEVEL 6   : Question is : Zombies are attacking!

LEVEL 7   : Question is : He ran out of bolts. Save him!

LEVEL 8   : Question is : It is his last bolt. Try to defeat them in 1 shot.

LEVEL 9   : Question is : He must drive home to replenish his ammo.

LEVEL 10 : Question is : Professor Big Brains found a cure. Use it to stop the horde.

LEVEL 11  : Question is : Now what?! A giant spider!

LEVEL 12 : Question is : Joe must get up there to save that women.

 LEVEL13 : Question is : Save the women!

LEVEL 14 : Question is : Defeat the werewolf.

LEVEL 15 : Question is : A mummy attacks at Joe!

LEVEL 16 : Question is : Shoot the monsters.

LEVEL 17  : Question is : What a day! Now we must face a troll!

LEVEL 18 : Question is : More enemies are approaching.

LEVEL 19 : Question is : So many skeletons. Joe is in trouble.

LEVEL 20 : Question is : Joe caught a monster and he must learn who is their leader.

LEVEL 21  : Question is : Joe must defeat the Dark Lord to stop all monsters.


Brain Test 2 answers THE MCBRAIN FAMILY walkthrough

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 1   : Question: Get to know them by matching their names.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 2   : Question: John must get ready for work.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 3   : Question: So many choking hazards around. Watch out! 

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 4   : Question: Time for breakfast!

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 5   : Question: Nap time for Dory, help her to sleep.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 6   : Question: Help Nancy do exercise with her mother.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 7   : Question: Help Nancy win against Jack.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 8   : Question: Jack took revenge of his defeat by messing up Nancy’s dolls!

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 9   : Question: Someone broke the correct order in the family album!

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 10 : Question: Jack played too much, he must stop.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 11 : Question: Nancy need 8 coins to buy a new doll.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 12 : Question: The water is too hot, help her.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 13 : Question: What a mess let’s clean this up.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 14 : Question: John is back from work! Hugging time!

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 15 : Question: It was a long day for Jenny, she deserves some quiet time.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 16 : Question: They want to play bowling but there is no ball.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 17 : Question: Help Nancy win at hide and seek.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 18 : Question: How to stop her crying?

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 19 : Question: Time to take a family photo.

THE MCBRAIN FAMILY LEVEL 20 : Question: Time to sleep, everyone must get to their room?


Brain Test 2 answers Agent Smith walkthrough

LEVEL 1   : Question: Where is Agent Smith?

LEVEL 2   : Question: He got a package, but it looks suspicious.

LEVEL 3   : Question: Let’s investigate the package to get some clues.

LEVEL 4   : Question: He must drive to no. 1792.

LEVEL 5   : Question: The house is abandoned! Let’s gather some cluses.

LEVEL 6   : Question: It was a trap! There is a bomb in here!

LEVEL 7   : Question: Back to the office, let’s investigate these objects.

LEVEL 8   : Question: All clues point toward a man with baldness and a scar on his eye.

LEVEL 9   : Question: Smith must catch the man.

LEVEL 10 : Question: Smith found this paper on the man. Decipher it.

LEVEL 11 : Question: Smith must interrogate the man to find out who Eddie is.

LEVEL 12 : Question: Smith must infiltrate into Eddie Baddie’s mansion to uncover his plans.

LEVEL 13 : Question: Smith must find a way to open that laptop.

LEVEL 14 : Question: Smith must hack the computer to log in.

LEVEL 15 : Question: Smith is exposed, and he forgot his guns at home!

LEVEL 16 : Question: Smith must escape from the mansion.

LEVEL 17 : Question: Smith found out that Eddie has planted bombs to a skyscraper’s basement. Find them.

LEVEL 18 : Question: Eddie is trying to escape with a helicopter, stop him!

LEVEL 19 : Question: Smith must get down to confront Eddie.

LEVEL 20 : Question: That’s it! The  final showdown between Smith and Eddie.


Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty walkthrough

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 1   : Question: This is Betty, and she wants to go out fishing today.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 2   : Question: Her boat is taking water!

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 3   : Question: She fell down from the boat, help her!

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 4   : Question: She is drowning, help !

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 5   : Question: She got on the land but is she breathing?

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 6   : Question: That bear looks angry !

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 7   : Question: We must get rid of this bear.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 8   : Question: The bear is gone. Time to wake her up.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 9   : Question: What a way to wake up. She must clean her face.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 10 : Question: She is lost and hungry. Give her favorite fruit.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 11 : Question: She found a road. Time to hitchhike a ride.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 12 : Question: These guys are evil. She must get out of the car.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 13 : Question: She must escape from these guys.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 14 : Question: There is a helicopter, but they can’t hear her.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 15 : Question: The helicopter crashed on snowy mountains, she is freezing.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 16 : Question: She must wake that Eskimo to get help.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 17 : Question: The kind Eskimo will take her to the nearest airport.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 18 : Question: She must get up from there.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 19 : Question: Get rid of these aliens.

Brain test 2 Bad Luck Betty level 20 : Question: She must return to earth.


Brain test 2 Prison Escape all levels walkthrough

Level 1   : Question : Andy was falsely accused and put in prison.Now they take his mugshots. 

Level 2   : Question : Andy must find a way to protect himself in this tough environment.

Level 3   : Question : Let’s play basketball to get popular.

Level 4   : Question : Andy needs some friends to plan his escape.

Level 5   : Question : Andy needs to get that chisel.

Level 6   : Question : Andy must dig a hole with the chisel.

Level 7   : Question : Andy must find a way to hide the chisel.

Level 8   : Question : Dig a tunnel to escape.

Level 9   : Question : Andy must unlock that door.

Level 10 : Question : His first attempt was a fail. He must pass this checkpoint to start his new plan.

Level 11 : Question : Andy needs that screwdriver.

Level 12 : Question : There is a hidden panel which Andy can open with the screwdriver.

Level 13 : Question : Andy must move through the air pipes.

Level 14 : Question : That door can be opened with those switches.

Level 15 : Question : Andy must release his two friends.

Level 16 : Question : They must find a way to get to the door above.

Level 17 : Question : They must find a way to avoid those guards.

Level 18 : Question : They must pass through that door.

Level 19 : Question : They must find a way to stop the chasing guards while Morgan work on opening the exit door.

Level 20 : Question : They must reach the forest.


Brain Test 2 Smith and Joe- Part 1 walkthrough


Level 1 : Questions: Looks like Smith is enjoying his vacation, but something smells fishy.

Level 2 : Questions: Smith must catch that man.

Level 3 : Questions: Smith must interrogate this man.

Level 4 : Questions: This is Eddie’s tropical mansion. Smith must drop down there.

Level 5 : Questions: Smith must eliminate these guards.

Level 6 : Questions: Smith must pass through these roofs.

Level 7 : Questions: Smith is inside, but someone is coming, hide quickly!

Level 8 : Questions: Smith thinks that there is something hidden in this room.

Level 9 : Questions: Eddie and Dracula are together! And they caught Joe.

Level 10 : Questions: Eddie is escaping with a helicopter!

Level 11 : Questions: Find a way to stop Eddie.

Level 12 : Questions: Joe must go and help Smith, but he can’t swim!

Level 13 : Questions: They must find a way to stop that shark.

Level 14 : Questions: This ruckus attracted another sea predator!

Level 15 : Questions: They must find a way to get to the land.

Level 16 : Questions: Smith must get into Dracula’s nightclub to uncover his plans.

Level 17 : Questions: Smith must move unnoticed.

Level 18 : Questions: Joe must divert the vampires to give Smith some time.

Level 19 : Questions: Smith found Dracula, but he must find a way to look into his laptop. 

Level 20 : Questions: Smith must hack into Dracula’s laptop.


About the game: Brain Test 2 is an addictive free tricky puzzle game with a series of tricky brain teasers. Different riddles and tricky tests will challenge your mind. This new puzzle game may break common sense and bring your new brain-pushing experience! You can enjoy yourself with your friends with this addictive and funny free IQ game. Think out of the box, crack the puzzles and get ready to take the quiz! You will enjoy this funny tricky test.

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