Mozzgi level 19 walkthrough

You need help solving 19th level  of the puzzle game  Mozzgi Logic IQ game, will you found the right place to do so, in this article you will find the  answers to all your questions and  the solution to all your problem, as we present to you the solutions for level 19 of the game  Mozzgi Logic IQ game, we hope you find this article useful and this game enjoyable.

Mozzgi Logic IQ game level 19 walkthrough 

Question : find some food on this desert island.

Walkthrough: tap on the top of the palm tree for a few times  before the coconut falls, and when the coconut is on the ground click on it.

Mozzgi level 19 walkthrough

About this game : Mozzgi Logic IQ game is a new striking tricky puzzle game that will definitely freak you out! Numbers of twisted brain riddles will develop your logical ability, memory, and creativity. All questions are designed to boost up your brain and imagination. Learning has never been so fun and exciting!

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